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How to take care of teeth

The tooth is a light, light-colored tissue made up of several parts and found in the mouth and distributed on the upper and lower jaws. The teeth are divided into two groups, the first is the white teeth, which are constantly falling to replace their second group, the permanent teeth. The health of teeth and supporting tissues (such as gingivitis and alveolar bone) is important for the health and well-being of the person, both physically and psychologically.

Dental care methods:

- Use the brush and putty twice daily in the morning and evening.

- Use of dental floss to remove lingering food residue between the teeth.

- Stay away from sweets and soft drinks as much as possible.

To avoid some unhealthy behaviors of the teeth during eating, such as breaking nuts, especially nuts between the teeth, or eating a group of sweets that are attached to the teeth and difficult to remove

- Eat foods rich in calcium as milk derivatives and some types of vegetables and fruits to strengthen and protect teeth.

- Use fluoride mouthwash which helps fluoride to reach enamel on all surfaces of teeth

- Visit the dentist periodically to detect decay and inflammation, which may cause greater problems if not treated.
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