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Tooth decay

Tooth decay are a combination of factors such as bacteria, eating, snacks, sugars, and kidneys that are tooth decay before the cavities and holes grow larger and can cause multiple pain or inflammation.

Evolution of tooth decay:

** Plaque layer:

The mouth contains many types of bacteria that reproduce on food and beverages that contain certain forms of sugar and carbohydrates fermentable. When these sugars are not cleaned from the teeth, the bacteria quickly start feeding them, producing the acids and forming a solid layer on the teeth called plaque

** Effect of plaque on teeth:

The presence of plaque on the teeth in the enamel layer and corrosion.

** Full necrosis of the teeth:

This is where bacteria and acids damage the third layer of the pulp, which contains the blood vessels and nerves, and then the symptoms, such as pain when biting on the age or the sensitivity of hot foods or cold, the body begins to resist these bacteria by forming white cells composed abscess.

Prevention of tooth decay:

-Brushing at least twice a day

- Cleaning between teeth by thread

- Do not eat sweets before going to sleep because saliva decreases when you sleep

- Eat sweets that do not stick to teeth

- Visit the dentist every 6 months
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